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We are at the forefront of the fight against unconstitutional mandates

The Fonte and Gelormino Legal Group (FG Law) have been at the forefront in the fight against the multitude of unconstitutional mandates, decrees, and edicts put forward by former Governor Cuomo, New York State, Mayor DeBlasio, and New York City.   As proud members of the Staten Island community, we were honored to offer our services, Pro Bono, to the many restaurant and gym owners that requested our help and were instrumental in assisting them to reopen and get back to business. We have recently filed an action requesting an immediate reversal of the Restaurant and Gym Vaccination mandate and expect to be heard on that case the first week in September. 

Mask wearing dispute

Parents Against Masks in School Class Action Lawsuit

As all our children begin the new school year sadly Mayor DeBlasio and the DOE has required ALL STUDENTS to wear masks while attending class. The Mayor has completely disregarded the science which clearly shows that masks are a hindrance to learning, that children are much less susceptible to getting a severe reaction to the virus, and most importantly children do not spread the virus as much as adults. Even worse is the utter lack of common sense shown by the Mayor and the DOE when all they have to do is look at children interacting all day after school and on weekends. NOT ONE of them is wearing a mask. At parks, schoolyards, in their neighborhoods, at sporting events, at recitals– EVERYWHERE children interact outside THEY DO NOT WEAR MASKS. While City officials stick their heads in the sand our children must suffer through a school day with a stifling mask on.

After receiving hundreds of calls from parents throughout NYC asking for our help, the partners at Fonte and Gelormino Legal Group have decided to bring a class action lawsuit on behalf of all OUR CHILDREN to overturn this unconstitutional Mask Mandate. Based on a recent ruling in a Federal case in Illinois our legal team feels that we have a sound legal basis to move forward.

FG Legal Group is now announcing that we will begin a class action lawsuit against the Mayor, the Doe, and the DOH to get the mask mandate overturned.

The Fonte and Gelormino Legal Group have been at the forefront in the fight against the overreaching unconstitutional mandates put forward by the Governor, NY State, the Mayor, and New York City. During the early stages of the pandemic, the partners of FG Legal Group were honored to offer our services, Pro Bono, to the restaurant and small business of NYC and now we are proud to represent the teachers and DOE employees in their class action lawsuit to have the vaccine mandate overturned.

One of the bedrock beliefs at FG Law is great communication and full disclosure lead to satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients updated EVERY STEP of the WAY. Obviously, with potentially hundreds or even thousands of clients in this lawsuit it will be extremely difficult to manage personal communications with everyone. To that end, we will communicate with all our clients through email and website every step of the way. Of course, if there are matters that need urgent or personal attention, please do not hesitate to call us. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HEAR FROM OUR CLIENTS.

To Join the class action lawsuit against the unconstitutional MASK MANDATE please click the Join button below. 

You can find answers to many of your question on our FAQ Page Including enrollment cost and those eligible to join.


Q) How can someone join the Parents Against Masks in School (PAMS) class action lawsuit. 

A) Go to fglegalgroup.com and click on Join Our Lawsuit link. 

Q) Who can join the lawsuit? 

A) Any family that has a child enrolled in PUBLIC, PRIVATE or CATHOLIC school that mandates their children wear masks while in school.

Q) How much will it cost to join the lawsuit? 

A) The partners at FG Legal understand that litigation can be quite costly and want to ensure that EVERY FAMILY can afford to join the lawsuit.  To that end, they are going to greatly discount their legal services.  As the lawsuit is NOT likely to result in monetary damages the cost to join the lawsuit will be $250 per FAMILY which can be paid through PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card.  Registration monies will go toward attorney’s fees, out-of-pocket expenses including Doctors that specialize in infectious diseases and immunization, and administration expenses.     We will try to keep logistical costs down as much as possible.  If there are not enough members to bring forth the lawsuit, we will return everybody’s money promptly.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE Fee which is included as part of the $250. We expect if there is any additional money needed that it will be less than $100.   

Q) How likely is it that the lawsuit will be successful? 

A) As in any lawsuit we cannot guarantee success.  However, we are encouraged that the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court particularly (Brooklyn Archdioceses vs Cuomo) and a recent decision in Federal Court in Illinois give us sound legal grounds. We will be filing the lawsuit in the United States Federal District Court Eastern District Please note FG Law group completely expects that whether we are successful or not in lower court the case will HAVE to be heard in the Appellate Division and possibly even in the United States Supreme Court.  The initial goal of the lawsuit will be to immediately file for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which if granted would put a hold on the mandate while the lawsuit navigates its way through the legal system.

Q) How will members of the class be kept updated on the status of the lawsuit. 

A) With potentially thousands of class members it will be impossible to take phone calls from everybody.  Mark Fonte and Lou Gelormino feel that the most important part of the attorney-client relationship is COMMUNICATION. To that end, we will communicate all lawsuit status updates through email and our website.  We are currently representing DOE employees in their fight against vaccine mandates and by all accounts, they are very complimentary as to the level of communication.  Our Partners assure you we will keep you updated EVERY STEP of THE WAY.  

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